Transform how you communicate with your customers

With state-of-the-art communication software designed to meet your business needs, you will have all the tools you require to grow your business.

GoConnect Software

Integrates your desktop applications, address book and CRM with the phone on your desk making call handling very efficient so you can provide a better service to your customers.

Number Manager

Using our web based Number Manger you can control which numbers call which departments and Learn which sales & marketing channels are driving your most valuable calls.

Call Recording

Recording your calls provides an invaluable tool to help you improve customer experience, it will help remain compliant with your governing bodies and can be used to help resolve disputes.

Call Logging

Improve service to your customers by understanding call patterns, who called, what time they called and how long the call lasted or how many calls you missed so you can staff your business when your customer need you.

Client Case Studies.

See how communication software has helped our clients grow.

Learn how Hogdson Car Sales used cloud based number management system to track their marketing success.

Learn how Fairfax plant hire used call recording to improve customer service and improve call efficiently.

See how Rayner & Co utilised GoConnect software to integrate with their existing systems to improve call handling.

Improve how your business communicates today.

See how simple communications can be.