Tailored Business Phone Line Packages

You may have experience of BT or one of the other large multinationals who provide lines and calls packages. You may not realise that LTS can offer not only a better service in this area but also at a much lower cost! You will not have to queue through endless call centres, just one number to speak direct to one of our experienced team.

Every business is different which is why LTS takes a holistic approach to your business and look to consolidate calls and line packages to help you manage your costs. You may have lines you no longer need or by focusing on where you make your highest call spend a few simple changes can save you lots of money, but even without these the line rental is at least 20% lower than BT and call savings can vary from 10% to 60%.

From helping startup business’s right through to business’s with 100’s of users over multiple locations we have the experience you can rely on to help you reduce your costs and increase efficiency. We make sure your business has the right type of lines available with the range of features you require, at the best price and top customer service.

Get in touch

Speak with a member of our team to discuss your requirements, LTS customers benefit from:

  • No call set up fees or hidden charges.

  • Lower prices.

  • Clear bills and free online call reports.

Customer Benefits

All phone line and call packages are subject to VAT and are on a 12 month contract.

How we compare against major providers for your business lines and calls

We will use your existing bills to provide you with a direct comparison of what you are paying with your current provider against what we would have charged for the same billing period, that way we can show you exactly how much you would saved. This gives you the confidence to trust us with your lines and calls.

Local Telecom Service

  • No Call Centres.

  • No hidden extras.

  • Simple billing.

  • Best value for money.

Major Providers

  • Call Centre with staff who don’t know who you are.

  • Charges for things you weren’t expecting.

  • Complicated bills with obscure descriptions

  • Poor value paying for things you don’t need or use.

Business Phone Lines & Calls FAQs

Its free to switch providers if you already have a telephone line but, if you need new lines then there is an installation charge. Each line type has different costs so ask us for help when choosing what you need

Yes when you switch providers you can keep your numbers.

If you are switching there is no installation but with new lines BT Openreach engineers carry out line installations for us and we manage the whole process for you.

Yes you can move your lines but if you are moving out of the area you may not be able to keep your number without moving to SIP Lines. If you plan to move talk to us first so we can advise you of the best way.

Bills are emailed to you each month and payment made by Direct debit, but you can log in to our billing portal anytime you like to access your old bills and detailed call information.

Yes we already supply many businesses with Leased Lines & Broadband and would be happy to discuss your needs too.

Easy steps to get started with your new business Line