Our support desk deals with hundreds of questions every week on everything from how to change the name on a phone to how I access my latest phone bill. Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions which are intended as a guide to help you, but they are not exhaustive. If you are unsure of any of the instructions, please call us first.

Panasonic Telephone Systems

A Call Forward can be set to redirect calls which only ring at your extension (not group calls). Calls can be set to forward immediately without ringing your phone at all, or if your phone is busy, or if you do not answer or both busy and no answer.

External Call Forward is dependent on the Class of Service for your extension and set in system programming by your supplier. You will need to check you have permission to do this with your maintainer.

To Set a call forward lift the handset or press the SP-PHONE key

Dial *71 and one of the following:

0 to forward both internal and outside calls.

1 to forward outside calls only.

2 to forward internal calls only.

Then dial one of the following:

2 for immediate forwarding (your phone will not ring at all)

3 for busy (when you are on the phone),

4 for no answer (if you don’t answer your phone) or

5 for busy or no answer (for both busy and no answer).

Then dial an extension number followed by #. If you want to forward your calls to an outside number enter 9 and the external number followed by #.

To cancel Call Forward:-

Dial *710 0

You can have up to 8 people in a conference call with any mixture of internal and external participants, each external participant requires an external phone line.

To set up a conference call from a Keyphone:

Lift the handset or press the SP-PHONE key

Dial the number of the first person you want to add in to a conference

When they answer press the Conf key and dial a second person

When they answer press the Conf key and all 3 of you will be joined together

You can add more people using the same routine up to a maximum of 8 people.

You can customise the buttons on your keyphone for a number of functions including, DSS Keys, One Touch Dialling Keys, and Feature Keys.

Do Not Reprogram Line Key as this could affect your ability to make or receive calls

To Program a button for another extension, Direct Station Select – DSS Keys:

Press the PROGRAM button under the display

Press the button you wish to program

Dial 1 then extension number to be stored

Press the ‘AUTO DIAL STORE’ key (you will hear a confirmation tone)

Press the PROGRAM button to exit.

To Program a button for as a One Touch Dialling Key:

Press the PROGRAM button under the display

Press the button you wish to program

Dial 2 then 9 then the external number to be dialled

Press ‘AUTO DIAL STORE’ key (you will hear a confirmation tone)

Press the PROGRAM button to exit.

To Program Feature Keys its best to contact your phone system maintainer to check which features your extension has access to before attempting to set them up.

This requires system programming it’s not a User feature. The easiest way is for an engineer to reprogram these remotely for you and if you have a support contract we can do this for you free of charge.

You can change the volume on a call by pressing the up or down arrow on the navigation button while you are on a call.

The other extension user has used the “call back when free” feature, the easiest way to clear this is to let them answer their phone. If they have done it more than once you will need to repeat this.

Telephone Lines

If you have more than one line on your phone number, its possible that you have a line fault. When you dial 9 to call out most phone systems select the highest numbered line first and if its faulty you won’t be able to dial out, but callers ringing in arrive on the lowest numbered line so they can still call you. First step is to call your line provider to get the line tested. It may still not be conclusive and you may need a system engineer to come to site to investigate your phone system to prove it one way other.

If you have a crackle on your phone line its either a problem with your phone or on the outside line. The easiest way to check is to swap your phone with another of the same type, if the problem moves with the phone its a handset issue and will need replacing or repairing. If the problem remains you will need to get your line provider to test the line for you. It may still not be conclusive and you may need a system engineer to come to site to investigate your phone system to prove it one way other.

The line tests done with BT Openreach are not conclusive, so if the tester says no line fault found, you will need to call out a phone systems engineer to test your equipment for any fault or disconnect the line for your phone system to prove the fault back to your line provider. If this is the case you can call us out for one of our engineers to test the lines at your site, there is a charge for this service.

The Light on the ISDN2 line box should be lit green either solid or flashing which proves it is being powered by the BT exchange. If the light has gone out it means the line is faulty and needs to be reported to your line provider.

You may have international call baring set on your telephone line or on your phone system to help reduce the risk of phone fraud. Speak to the your phone system provider to check the phone system first, then speak to your line provider if this needs to be unblocked as well.

If the caller is a telesales call then you can register for free with the Telephone Preference Service which will help reduce them. If the caller is obscene or threatening you can report these to the police by dialling 101. Your phone system supply may also be able to block incoming calls from a specific number.


There are many reasons why Broadband can slow down, including faulty routers, faulty cables and faulty IT equipment and Congested supplier networks. The first step is to speak to your supplier to find out if they can see any problems on the line. You can also reboot your router to see if that improves the situation. Your supplier will be best placed to advise any further steps you should take.

WiFi is normally provided by your broadband router or a separate WiFi access point. WiFi can be affected by some environmental changes such as standing something in front of the router so check this first. You can also reboot the WiFi equipment to see if that fixes the issue if not speak to your supplier about a router replacement or your IT supplier about the WiFi access points.

Fibre Broadband can only be provided from a Local Fibre enabled cabinet (FTTC) so if you are a long way from your cabinet, or your lines are fed direct from the local exchange its not possible to have FTTC. The only way this can be overcome is to have Fibre direct to your premises (FTTP) or a Fibre Leased line, contact us for more details and pricing.

If you and your colleague share the same network and broadband then this would look like a problem with your computer or your local area network, speak to your IT company to get them checked out.

The easiest way to do this is to turn of the router at the mains for 5 minutes and turn it back on, after approximately 1 minute it should all be working OK. Do Not press the RESET button as this will default the router which will need to be reconfigured before the connection will work again.

No if you are having to reboot regularly then there is a underlying problem and the connection is likely to have been throttled to a lower speed due to the regular disconnections. Contact your supplier to get the service tested.


Yes you can down load copies of your phone bills by accessing our portal on the following link My Account

You will need a Username and Password and if you haven’t got that already email us to request them.

At LTS we believe in helping you to balance your cash flow so we bill each month and collect payments by Direct Debit.

Yes we will send you one bill each month which shows all the services we provide plus any calls you will be charged for. You can also check the itemisation for each call you have made and you can download them from our billing portal.

Yes it’s a very simple and straightforward process just get in touch via the contact page and we’ll send you the order from, once received it takes about 14 days to transfer to LTS and there is no interruption to service.

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