Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to customer invoices and payments. For all billing queries please call 0330 024 2009.

Q: How can I access by bill ?

We will send you a bill on a monthly basis but you can access your bill within our online portal.

Q: How can I access by bill ?

LTS usually invoice one month in advance for line rental and one month in arrears for call charges, however, on your first bill the rental will be backdated to when the lines were installed or transferred to us, so you may have up to two months of rental charges on the first bill as well as any installation charges.

Q: When should I expect my Direct Debit to go out ?

The Direct Debit will usually be collected 14 days after the invoice has been generated, this ensures that any queries can be answered before collection.

Q: I have been charged for a Openreach engineer visit ?

If an Openreach engineer has been called out to a property to fix a line fault, there will be a standard charge of £145.00 plus £145.00 for each hour (TRC) that the engineer is onsite if no fault is found or the fault is on your equipment e.g. faulty fax machine or telephone then you will be charged for their visit.

Q: I don’t recognise a charge on my bill ?

If a charge appears on your invoice that you do not recognise, please email our accounts team with your query so we can explain what it is.

Q: I no longer need services that LTS provides ?

If you wish to cease services with LTS, please send your request in writing by emailing our accounts team,  all requests must be made in writing as you may be in contract and will have to give notice to cease services.

Q: I am moving to a new property ?

If you are moving out of your property and need to transfer my services, please email our support team with the address and date you planning to move. Please be aware transferring services can take several weeks due to Openreach lead times so as much notice as possible is required.

Need Further Help?

If you can’t find your answer, take a look at our knowledge base or please contact a member of the team.