When did you start working for LTS?

August 1997

What role did you start doing?

I worked in the office in Admin and Accounts. I actually took over from my wife Sarah covering her maternity leave, but as I had been an engineer before that it soon got me interested in how to make the phone systems work and dealing with faults.

What role do you do now?

As company director I’m responsible for Engineering and Sales with a bit of marketing thrown in as well. I enjoy the challenge of solving the engineering problems and love talking to new and old customers alike trying to find the best solution for their needs really makes me tick.

How has the company changed?

There have been many changes, including supplying telephone lines and broadband, we were the first independent company in York to offer broadband only 3 days behind BT! but it’s the changes in technology on the phone systems which have changed the most. When I started the only way to program a system was through a phone with paper manuals, then came laptop programming via a special serial cable, now the only way to program systems is via IP and we don’t even need to be in the same country.

What do you enjoy the most about working at LTS?

The staff are like family and friends not work colleagues, we share a good joke and are there to support each other when times are tough. We also have some great customers and love helping them solve problems or come up with innovative solutions. What work achievement are you most proud of? Although we have sold Panasonic systems for nearly 30 years when we became a Solutions Partner in September 2011 we joined an elite group of European dealers, one of only 12 in the UK with direct support from Panasonic and input in to their long-term development plans. 6 years later and we still hold the same key Partner status.

Whats in store for the future?

I’m really looking forward to some of the new Panasonic solutions in the pipeline for later this year and early next year which will help make the office phone systems work even better for businesses.

On the other side I really want BT Openreach to get a grip on broadband for businesses and on business parks like Clifton Moor in York so they can get a great quality service but at a reasonable price and stop trying to sell a copper based service at lower and lower costs, when its not really up to the job any longer.

So many businesses rely on the internet and their options are a cheap copper service or Fibre Leased line at £300 or more a month when there should be something in the middle but still with quality and guaranteed repair times.

Finally what do you like doing out of work?

Out of work I like to stay busy and enjoying cycling, gardening, walking, sailing and basically anything outdoors, I don’t even mind a bit of weather as long I am prepared for the rain/snow/sun/wind it makes it all the more exciting, you just need to match the weather with activity.