Ready to switch landline providers? Then use our guide to make the process quick and simple for you.

Before you call providers

It can be confusing and time consuming to go through the various options available, especially if you are not happy with your current package. To make it easier, make a list of the telephone lines you have and the features required on them as well as the charges you pay for each element. You can then use this list when approaching alternative providers to get a more accurate price, or even discuss alternative options to those you currently have. Take into consideration the types of numbers your staff will call as this can make a difference as to the packages open to you.

It is good to also have a break down of what you are currently paying for each element of the package. This way, once you have moved you can compare the savings!

During the call

Once you ring a provider, a representative will walk you through the options available to best suit your needs. They will explain the different terminology – if you are unsure of anything – and explain the different charges involved in each available package. Do not be afraid to ask what features can be added to your account that you may not currently get, such as capped calling charges, call bundles and non-geographic numbers.

Make sure you get a written quote before you sign any order forms or agree to switch so you can double check everything has been covered and nothing missed off.

Many providers now offer a provider led process, saving you the hassle of contacting your current provider to cease the services. Instead your new provider will request any important information necessary and if needed, will book in an appointment for an engineer to visit your offices. This will especially be needed if you switch from single lines to ISDN lines, or even to a VoIP system instead.

Things you need to ask

Here are a few questions for you to use as a reference when making that call.

  • If the number of lines increases, what are the additional costs?
  • What is the length of the contract?
  • What are the notice periods to cancel?
  • Does the quoted price include VAT?
  • What support is included in the package, or what is the charge for a support package?
  • If there is a fault, what are the response times and can numbers be diverted to a mobile until it is fixed?
  • If using a VoIP system, what are the guarantees on call quality?

After the call

Once you are happy with the perfect deal for your business, you can sign any contract they have sent and then you can leave it to the new provider to organise. You will be provided with all the information you need, including any actions you may need to take on the day of transfer. You will receive a letter from both your previous provider advising you of the transfer, and any relevant information you need – this will include your switch date. Do make sure you get a copy of the terms and conditions to keep for future reference.


Ready to make that easy switch? Then give our team members a call and let us walk you through the processes.