When you find yourself needing bigger space, smaller space or just a change in scenery, moving office can be a stressful time. There is so much you need to check before the move, make sure is moved correctly and that the whole transition is done smoothly. A big issue many find when moving office are problems with their telecommunications. If customers cannot get in touch with you, you risk them finding someone else to help. So, you need to make sure that your telecommunications are moved correctly.

We are providing a checklist that you can use to plan well in advance and move in to your new office a little stressed.

Start planning your move.


1. Know your current needs. Before you can even consider moving you need to know what you currently have in place. Conduct an audit of the current phone system considering the following:

  • Different types of lines – Fibre or traditional, any VoIP lines etc
  • Telephone numbers and quantity of each line type
  • Number of extensions
  • Current phone system network map
  • List of equipment currently in use on the phone system

At this point it is useful to also conduct an assessment of the whether your current needs are serving you in the most beneficial way. It is best to run this audit 4-3 months before you move. At LTS, we can provide a full telecoms audit free of charge.


2. Conduct a site survey of the new premises. Arrange a visit with the current office owners to review the new layout and any cabling changes that need to be made to your current layout. Obtain information on the current cabling and providers into the property; this gives you an insight as to the compatibility of your current system.

Plan the site survey for 3-2 months before the proposed moving date, and get in touch with providers to start the transfer process. Providers need as much notice as possible, including information regarding the required cabling and layout of the new office to assist in the move. The more information you can provide the lower the chance something will go wrong.

New leased lines and internet services (VoIP) can take up to 90 days to be available, while BT can take up to 6 weeks to install new lines.


3. Check the ability to transfer your number. If you have a telephone number that starts with the local area code you need to check you can keep your current number, or begin the process of updating advertised numbers. Ask your providers if they can re-direct calls to the old number to the new number to catch any callers without the new number, post moving date – this usually involves an additional fee.

For those with an 08 or 03 number that is routed through a telephone exchange so you will need to inform your provider of your move and any change in basic landline number. Inform them of a moving date as well, so they can transfer where the number points to on the right day.


4. Be prepared for moving day. Once you have everything in place it is time to move. Always move your phone system with a professional, whether your provider or a 3rd party, who have the knowledge to correctly install your system in the new office. If moving equipment that needs to be fitted at certain points along the phone line, or in certain areas of the new office, keep a map of where they need to be and label the equipment. This saves time instead of testing the equipment multiple times to get it in the right place.

If moving during working hours, activate a specific voicemail message on the old line that advises of the move and the expected date you will be live again. Provide an alternative way for callers to contact you.

Once you have moved it is important to check all your lines and routing before going live with callers. Have members of staff get in touch to test out the system, including calling the old number if redirects have been applied. All that is left is to enjoy your new office!


At LTS, we’ve helped many businesses move premises without any hiccups, so we’re well positioned to assist our customers relocate when the time comes. Contact us today to see how we can make the whole process as hassle-free as possible for you.