If you don’t already have a leased line for your business telecoms then now may be the time to consider upgrading your existing business broadband service.

Many companies are now opting for Leased Lines to their business, delivered on fibre all the way into your premises with no copper or cabinets.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated telecoms line specifically for your organisation which can be used to build a private network between two or more different locations. These days leased lines are used to deliver a number of different services into business, such as internet connection, VoIP, SIP phone calls, cloud backups, cloud email.

Leased line broadband provides guaranteed performance and reliability compared to a standard broadband service with a One-to-one contention ratio, which means no sharing with anybody else and no slow downs at peak times.

If you opt for a leased Line solution for your business you are guaranteed to get the speed that you pay for. For example if you pay for a 100Mb circuit you get 100Mb. You are also guaranteed with a leased line connection to get the same upload and download speeds.

Where a fast reliable internet connection is business critical, Leased lines offer a great solution with a guaranteed service level agreement SLA which which guarantees a repair time on faults which is usually 5 hours. Unlike broadband when you might wait a day or 2 for Openreach.

Leased lines are deliverable anywhere in the UK and normally include a backup service so that if there is a fault you still have some Internet connectivity and won’t lose everything

Leased lines a cost-effective option

In the past many businesses have been put off leased lines because of the cost but as technology has progressed the cost has reduced significantly with leased lines now being available from as little as £250 a month.

A leased line might be more expensive than ADSL but the benefits are worth the extra expenditure for most businesses. Contact our team today to discuss your business’s requirements.