As any business owner knows deciding which business broadband service is right for you is a mine field. With issues like distance away from the nearest exchange, differing package speeds and download capacity, deciding where to start is difficult.

UK, research has revealed that a quarter of businesses in this country don’t have a reliable business broadband connection, this making finding the best solution for your business broadband an essential task for every business.

Choosing your business broadband supplier:

Customer service

You need to know that when something goes wrong you can get hold of the appropriate technical UK based support. You want to ensure that you will always be able to speak to someone that knows you and more importantly understands your business.

For businesses that are predominantly online, having tech support available from your broadband provider is absolutely crucial. If the internet is slow or down, you need to know that someone will be there to help, or else your business could really suffer.


Ensure you choose a provider with a high quality of service in your specific area. A good deal and package is no use to you if the coverage in your area is poor. 

Multi location connection

If your company has more than one office or may do in the future, you need to ensure that the broadband provider will be able to support multiple sites. Ideally, creating one network between all your locations (WAN) to share files and data, and allow everyone to access the same resources.


With many businesses choosing to switch to VoIP for cheaper telephone calls it is important that your broadband supplier understands VoIP and they can supply a VoIP service for you alongside broadband without either service being effected by the other’s bandwidth usage?

Service Level Agreements

It is important that the expectations of your broadband service match what your broadband supplier promises. Ensure that your SLA (service level agreement) sets out what level of service you can expect, how much downtime is permitted before you receive compensation, and how long you will have to wait for problems to be addressed.

How secure is your connection

Internet protection is essential for any business and your broadband provider can help with this. Many business broadband providers can offer extras such as firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam.

Download Limits

Ideally you want to find the most suitable download limit, at the best price. For larger businesses, unlimited download limits are a must while smaller companies might be able to save money with limited downloads

With a solid UK support help desk and the experience we have gained over many years there is probably no other provider who understands the different geographic areas, speeds available, and complexities with broadband connections better than LTS. Whatever your need and budget we can help, contact us today.