Rural broadband – is it still an issue?

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In this day and age, when mobile phone connectivity and broadband services are improving and getting faster every year, there is still a large portion of the UK not able to access speeds and connectivity above dial up. According to an Ofcom report in December 2016, nearly 1 in 4 rural homes – close to [...]

The Cloud and What It Means for Your Telecoms.

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Over the last few years The Cloud has become more and more embraced by individuals and businesses, with many business software providers switching to a cloud based platform rather than software installed on a server or desktop. From cloud-based file sharing to cloud-based accountancy systems, the number of services now available is constantly expanding – [...]

Christmas is coming, is your telecoms ready?

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Christmas is one of the busiest, yet most important times of year for any business regardless of industry. Many staff members take additional time off to be with family, to look after children or sometimes due to illness. The Bank Holidays mean less working days available to most businesses, which in turn can mean businesses [...]

Telecom Trends for 2018

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As we come to the end of 2017 we have seen a plenty of growth in telecoms and media technology but what will we see in 2018? 5G – Are you in a 2018 test bed? It does not seem long ago that we were introduced to 4G on mobiles and tablets, then the development [...]

Phreaking – The Dark Side of Business Telecommunications

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UK businesses are paying out £100,000,000 per year (based on 2015 figures) towards covering the costs of Phone hacking, otherwise known as Phreaking. But what exactly is Phreaking? Phreaking was first seen around the 1960s and 1970s, where those technically savvy sought to gain free calls through hacking telecommunications systems, sending telecom engineers into a [...]

Video Conferencing – Everything you need to make that call

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Video conferencing makes the world a whole lot smaller for organisations. Those that have international bases, or take advantage of remote workers, can hold a meeting as if they were all in the same room. Saving travel time and costs. Video conferencing can be used as a collaborative tool for teams on projects, with the [...]

Are voice communications really dying?

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With the development of additional communication platforms such as social media, digital apps and live chats businesses have a right to consider whether voice communications are a dying form of communications. When surveyed by Ofcom, 64% of SMEs stated their business could not carry on without a fixed-line phone, while 52% said the same of [...]

Business Broadband Speeds – Your Guide to What You Can Expect

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Selecting a business broadband package can seem simple, until you’re asked what speed you need. The answer we hear the most is ‘the faster, the better’ but do you actually understand what the speed means? In this guide, we are going to walk you through the definition of broadband speeds and how to pick the [...]

What to look for in a Telecom Support Contract

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When looking for a telecom provider there is more to choosing them than just the price for the services they provide. What happens if something goes wrong, how will they respond to your problems, will it cost you a fortune to fix or it is included in your support contract? Here are some top things [...]

Corded or Cordless – which handsets are best for business?

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Business environments are changing, with flexibility being key, and the equipment used is changing to adapt to this. Many businesses still use the traditional corded handsets, and they are the market leaders for phone systems. However, now we are seeing more and more orders for cordless handsets being placed and becoming popular with businesses due [...]