Project Description

Scarborough based accountants, Rayner & Co had been using their old Panasonic KXT616 analogue phone system for over 15 years. It had provided them with a reliable and easy to use phone system but lacked any modern features and was coming to the end of its useful life.

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Customer Requirements

  • Retain all the existing phone numbers
  • Upgrade all the worn out handsets.
  • Replace the answering machine with Voice Mail
  • Integration of the phones with Accountancy software Iris and Sage.
  • Screen popping of customer records on incoming calls.
  • Click to dial from databases.
  • Review existing line rental contracts.

As well as making sure that we met the above criteria, reliability was also key to any new solution proposed.

Solution Recommended

After Reviewing the phone bills we recommended switching all services to LTS, Upgrading the lines to SIP and having 2 Fibre broadband services, one for SIP, the other one for email and web browsing, each one providing a backup for the other.

We recommended changing the telephone system to the Panasonic NS700 hybrid IP phone system coupled with GoConnect integration software.

Panasonic Phone Systems

LTS supplied a new Panasonic phone system, the Panasonic NS700 with new handsets as required, we also supplied SIP lines and GoConnect software integrating with Iris and Sage databases. The Panasonic NS700 phone system had a greater capacity and so could grow with Rayner and Co. providing a future proof solution.

GoConnect software provides a host of features and facilities to enhance the Panasonic phone systems. As well as having its own built in address book it can integrate with Outlook Contacts, Iris and Sage. This provides screen popping for incoming calls so all staff know who’s calling in before they answer the call. They can also call clients by clicking on their phone number in any of their data bases

The GoConnect Presence screen also shows which staff are on the phone or with the Outlook Calendar integration they can see who’s unavailable before they attempt to transfer the call.

Call Logs are included on GoConnect for all users so they can see all calls made and received at their extension, making it really easy to Click to Dial to call people back or keep client time sheets up to date.

Flexible programming on the Panasonic NS700 means callers are answered quickly by staff during the day but at night Voice Mail deals with their calls and messages are emailed to staff.

Email delivery of the message WAV file means they also have a record of the message they can save in client files. It also means they can forward the message to another colleague not type it out in an email.


The Solution of the Panasonic NS700 combined with GoConnect software has met all of Rayner & Co’s requirements giving them a future proof solution to all their needs.

In doing this, LTS could save the client over £1400 a year. Sip lines reduced the line rental costs and reduced call charges.