Project Description

Hodgson Car Sales family owned and run for over 35 years. Scarborough’s largest and longest established used car dealership and home to the widest range of used cars in the area.

When recent issues with BT Openreach took several days to fix, resulting in no incoming calls, which had a massive impact on their business, LTS were on hand to offer a business critical telecoms solution.


Hodgsons had a Panasonic digital system connected to ISDN2 lines which was proving to not be fit for purpose. They were struggling to manage different incoming calls from adverts especially when diverting calls to mobiles out of hours. Hodgsons needed a much more resilient solution and one which gave them control of all incoming calls via a cloud based number manager.

Solution Recommended

Panasonic NS700 IP Hybrid system

LTS recommended an upgrade to a Panasonic NS700 IP Hybrid system with SIP Lines as well as dual Internet connections so if the Primary connection was faulty there was a back up not only for the SIP lines but also for email and web. This provided the best possible resilient solution.

The new system utilised the old handsets so the client didn’t need to throw away the old handsets, thus helping to keep the cost down and being environmentally friendly. The new Panasonic NS700 system includes new features including Voice Mail with email delivery which was a must have for Hodgsons.

Cloud based number management system

LTS also provided the advanced Myriad cloud based number manager which gave Hodgsons a different phone number to use in each of its adverts. Each number provides weekly statistic on the number of calls received from each advert, so they know where their advertising is working best.

Simple to use web log in to each number, with each number having its own unique call routing based on the time of the day and day of the week, e.g Monday 9 till 5 calls rang the garage sales team, from 5 till 10pm calls rang the duty sales staff and after 10pm the calls where sent to voice mail.

Also as part of their disaster recovery plan any number can be routed to any destination quickly and easily so if there was a power cut in the area they can quickly divert to mobiles to stay in touch with their customers and continue to provide them the best possible service.


Hodgsons can now go about their business knowing that their telecoms solution will not let them down, helping them stay Scarborough’s number one used car dealership.