Project Description

Fairfax Plant had two sites – their Head Office at Hemingbrough and a Hire Centre in Selby, both with old analogue phone systems and analogue lines.  Their system was struggling with functionality and capacity, they needed more extensions, but their old system was full.  Fairfax Plant also had plans to open a third site in Leeds and needed help with their imminent expansion.

Fairfax Plant Hire


They required more capacity for lines and extensions, with voice mail, call reporting and call recording features.  Fairfax Plant would also need the ability to answer calls at the head office if the hire centres couldn’t get to the phone, as well as the ease of transferring calls between sites.

Solution Recommended

Following a full telecom review of their current systems, including lines, internet and call packages, we came up with the following solution:


An upgrade of their internet connections to FTTC Business Broadband with dual services in head office for resilience, backup and to provide quality on VoIP phone calls.

Telephone Lines

Restructure and rationalisation of the telephone lines at each site getting rid of those not required and setting up SIP trunks ready for the installation of a Panasonic NS1000 IP phone system.

Phone Systems

We installed a Panasonic NS1000 IP phone system in the Hemingbrough head office with SIP trunks and IP extensions.  All their existing phone numbers were then migrated to the new SIP lines, so no new numbers were needed and customers could continue to dial any of the numbers they had previously.

Fairfax Plant Head office was set up with local IP Phones on existing LAN, while Selby and Leeds hire centres were equipped with Remote IP Extensions using Panasonic NT551 & NT553 IP Phones.

Call Features

Our solution included onsite Call Recording and Call Reports for all calls, which allows Fairfax Plant to monitor the call handling ensuring all calls are answered quickly and efficiently.  Call recording also helps them to train their staff and is perfect to review calls should there be any disputes with their hirers.

Continuity Planning

In addition, we included Disaster Recovery planning.  This meant that any of their phone numbers can be diverted via their securely accessed LTS web portal to any other number, such as different mobiles, if any or all the sites can’t operate due to technical or physical reasons – such as sickness, or a snowy day leaving skeleton staff or major power outages.

Cost Savings

The solution also allowed us to save Fairfax Plant £2,000 per annum from their running costs, compared with their old setup. This saving is being used to offset a large portion of the cost of upgrading their systems on a 3-year lease.

If you want to make a similar saving of your own, or are interested in the telecom solutions we can provide to your business then get in touch today to discuss your current set up, and future requirements.

We want to thank Fairfax Plant for using LTS for their telecom services, and look forward to providing them with telecom support for many years to come.