Project Description

Donovan Smith Opticians, a husband and wife team in Brighouse, came to LTS with a Panasonic phone system that was no longer supported by the manufacturer, but still supported by LTS. However, Donovan Smith Opticians were planning for the future and wanted to take advantage of newer features and technology. They currently had ISDN2e for calls, and 2 Analogue lines all billed through BT, at a higher rate than they were comfortable with.

Donovan Smith Opticians


They had been cold called by a number of different providers all telling them to switch to VoIP but they were wary that this was the right move for them.

They wanted to retain their current phone numbers, but needed to make sure any upgrade didn’t cause any problems with making or receiving phone calls. Any upgrade also needed to be suitable for expansion and VoIP facilities in the future. Their plans included replacing some desk phones with cordless handsets to allow more flexibility for staff.

Finally they wanted to reduce costs where possible without compromising quality or service.

Solution Recommended

After a full review of their current system, and previous BT bills , LTS were able to come up with the following solution:

Phone System

The internet connection to the property was not sufficient to allow a full switch to VoIP so we installed a Panasonic NS700 which would support their existing ISDN2 lines, and also be suitable for a switch to SIP/VoIP services once Fibre broadband becomes available.

Desk phones were to be replaced with up to date IP Keyphones and an IP line installed ready to go for when the Broadband could be upgraded to fibre.

All current line features, and phone numbers where switched over to LTS at a vastly reduced rate compared to what Donovan Smith were paying BT, and included a support package  to assure any future problems were dealt with by LTS.

Cost Savings

The switch to ourselves from BT, and the installation of the new Panasonic NS700 system in preparation of switching to SIP/VoIP, saved Donovan Smith Optician over £2000 a year, with the new system costing £98 a month on a lease meaning they would still save over £68 a month even after they bought the new system.

Once their Broadband capabilities are updated to Fibre and they switch to SIP, they will save a further £400 a year.

If you want to make a similar saving of your own, or are interested in the telecom solutions we can provide to your business then get in touch today to discuss your current set up, and future requirements.

We want to thank Donovan Smith Opticians for using LTS for their telecom services, and look forward to providing them with telecom support for many years to come.