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Businesses have saved over £300 a month using our telecom & phone line audit.

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How our telecom review works

Help you reduce your costs but won’t give you the hard sell.

We have been helping businesses review and reduce their telecoms and phone lines costs for over 30 years so know all the tricks of the trade used by many other providers to hide costs on their phone bills and we know how to identify the services you don’t need as well the ones you do.

Review your current phone bills to identify everything you are paying for.

Using copies of your bills we will analyse them to identify the true charges for your Lines, Calls, Broadband and Mobiles so we can provide a true cost comparison and find the savings you can make without compromising on service.

Provide a free report and comparison with recommendations.

You will get a full report showing the current providers costs and a comparison of what we can offer. We will even check to see when your current contract runs out, to make sure you don’t get hit with early termination fees if you move to us.

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Businesses who have utilised our free telecoms review

Customer case studies

Burgess Petcare

We were able to identify a number of telephone lines that Burgess Petcare no longer needed so these were ceased and we transferred their remaining telecom services over onto our platform. We also discovered that the cost of their 0800 number was very high so we reduced that as well. In the end savings came to over £3000 a year which they were able to put towards the cost of new Mobiles for all their staff.

Abbey Vets

Abbey Vets had 3 surgeries in different location and found it difficult to manage their communications between sites. A review of their telephone lines revealed they had a number of redundant lines and were paying a high rental cost for these services. The cost savings paid for a new Panasonic system which meant we could centralise communications and improve efficiency.

Age UK York

Terry was tasked with moving a number of staff to a new office from several different locations but was struggling to work out how to keep phone numbers from different suppliers. We analysed the bills and made significant savings which paid for a new phone system and kept all their important phone numbers.

Y3 Hire

Damian had several bills for different services from different suppliers. We quickly established that they were paying for 0845 numbers which they didn’t use and had other diverts in place which made receiving calls very expensive. Following our recommendations, we have saved them nearly £300 a month.

Save money on your telecom bills

LTS has the experience and the honesty to provide you with a Free no obligation review of all your telecommunications. You can trust us to tell you the truth about your phone bills.