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LTS was one of the first independent companies to supply broadband to businesses. Since 2004 we have been helping businesses to get on line and we have gained more experience than virtually any other supplier.

There are basically two different types of broadband those provided on copper know as Business & Fibre Broadband or Fibre to your Premises referred to as Leased Lines. You can follow the links below to find out more information and place your order.

Fibre Broadband

Business & Fibre Broadband

Speeds of up to 80Mbps dependant on how close you are to the local BT Exchange or Fibre Cabinet

Leased Line Broadband

Fibre Leased Line Internet

Ultra fast speeds of up to 1000Mbps delivered on Fibre to your premises.

Businesses we have helped with their broadband

“We have used LTS for telephone and internet services for quite a few years now, and have consolidated almost all our connections with them as the service they provide is considerably better than any of the other providers which we formerly used. They have also installed the network wiring at several of our offices and visitor centres, some of which have presented challenging projects due to the design of the building, and they always do an excellent job. I would certainly recommend their services!”

David Bryant, IT Officer, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

How our broadband can support businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Most businesses can operate on Fibre Broadband but those who rely on the internet to run their business should consider installing a Leased Line as this guarantees speed and fault resolution SLA’s. Leased Lines will also often includes a backup broadband service as well.

Broadband and Fibre Broadband speeds vary depending on how close you are to the BT Exchange or Cabinet with a maximum of 80Mbps download & 20Mbps upload. Fibre Leased Lines are purchased with a  guaranteed speed from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps in both directions.

Broadband and Fibre broadband are supplied on top of a standard analogue telephone line and are quick and very easy to install. Fibre Leased Lines often involve new fibre cables being installed which can include new underground ducts and sometimes roads or pavements being dug up, so typical lead times are between 60 and 90 days.

Broadband and Fibre Broadband are normally 12 month contracts whereas Fibre Leased line contracts are usually 36 months.

Check Availability

Get in touch to check availbity for broadband options available to your business and expected speeds.

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